Angel Time Circle

Are you looking to practice with your Angel Oracle cards or in giving your own Angel messages? Then B Carleton’s Angel Time circles are just the ticket. 


The intent behind the Angel Time circles is to bring together like minded individuals to share the love and light of the Angels. Angel Time circles are led by B Carleton as she is guided by the angels to give messages for the circle’s highest good. B will begin with a gratitude blessing and then provide brief angel messages for as many in attendance as time allows.


Everyone in attendance is encouraged to participate in giving and receiving messages from the Angels.  Please have your own Angel Oracle cards (no tarot cards please) available to practice giving your own angel-guided messages. If you don't have cards just bring a favorite quote or positive words to give as a gift to the designated receiver.

B allows the angels to orchestrate who in attendance will receive a message on the given day. Although time may not allow for all attending to receive a personal message, all benefit, as a message for one will often help another listening to it!!! Everyone attending on that given day is meant to be there.

In closing, B will use the last 30 minutes to pull one card for each person in attendance.

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