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About "B"

When Beth, known to many as “B”, was born, the doctor told her mother, “I wouldn’t give you a nickel for her life.”  She was born with a hole in the septal division of her heart, and the doctor believed she would not live.  Her mother dismissed that doctor on the spot, and trusted in the Divine plan.  She, friends and family prayed for “B”’s healing.  Her mother knew if it were the Divine plan for “B” to spend some time on earth, she would.  Thankfully, her heart was healed with no surgery.  Through this healing, the angels were silently saying to “B” at this very young age, “It is not your time to leave this earth plane, you have work to do."


At two years old, “B” tripped over a blanket at a family picnic and fell into a firey hot charcoal pit.  Her legs were badly burned from her buttocks to her ankles.  This was her first memory of her angels appearing to her.  She remembers the ride to the hospital in a little Volkswagon Beetle car, and her angels came to her as a very bright light which was comforting like her mother’s love.  After months of recovery “B” healed miraculously with barely any scarring and the full use of her legs.  Again, through this healing, the angels were silently and gently nudging, “It is not your time to leave this earth plane, you have work to do.”


In 1990, “B” was experiencing excruciating headaches and was diagnosed as having classic migraines.  Soon she began having difficulty with tingling and the coordination on her left side.  With symptoms occurring all on one side, the doctors suspected a possible stroke, but through an MRI, it was discovered she had a gleoma (small tumor) in her right temporal lobe.  She was ordered by the doctor to stop working immediately, to remove all of the stress she could from her life.  So, she stopped her 72 hour a week job in the corporate world to “rest”.  


One day, while laying in bed, her angels appeared to her as two loving light beings.  FINALLY, she was actually aware of those very powerful words from the angels in her mind, “It is not your time to leave this earth plane, you have work to do”.  They told her she would be healed, and then she would help others.   In time, after step-by-step guidance from her angels through the healing process, the headaches ceased, the tingling stopped, and the coordination on her left side was fully back to normal.  “B” was healed of the tumor with no surgery.  The Doctors were amazed when the new MRI showed no sign of it.


Then, the questions came: Work to do? Help others? What does this actually mean? The angels were with her full force, communicating with her through feelings and visions.  She began sensing angels around others.  “Do I tell them?”  “What will they think?”  These were the thoughts going through her mind initially.  She quickly knew it didn’t matter what judgments may be made, her purpose involved giving these messages. “B” was synchronistically introduced to a woman who taught angel communication and followed her inner guidance to take classes from this lovely lightworker.   This was the beginning of a whole new path!!!  Through studying with this wonderful teacher, she became certified as an Angel Messenger.  How beautiful it was to feel the presence of angels around others and bring them messages.  The messages grew more intense, and she began doing automatic writing, receiving messages from Mother Mary as well as the angels.  She was asked to do readings on the weekends at a spiritual bookstore.  On the first day her readings were to take place, a tiny feather appeared out of nowhere floating from above in front of her in the room while she was getting ready, and it landed on her outstretched finger.   She knew at this point the angels were guiding her to her “life purpose.” Session after session, lives were touched with love by simply acting as the conduit, the channel, the messenger.

“B” was invited to travel to California and speak at a healing workshop at Michael Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center called “Take Up Your Bed and Walk.”  Here she spoke to the audience with conviction and heard many other miraculous healing stories, confirming the angels are working every minute of every day.  She participated in and witnessed a healing that day of a young child in the audience.  Thank you angels!!!

Time and money were miraculously provided to study in Hawaii where she became certified as an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®;  ATP®.   Now, “B” receives requests from all over the world to do Angel Message Sessions and  has touched the lives of those in Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Denmark, Ireland, England, India, Peru as well as throughout the United States.  To take her work to the next level, “B” studied through Gateway University and became an ordained non-denominational Angel Minister in 2010, allowing her to perform weddings, baptisms, funeral services and ministerial counseling when called to do so; but, her main focus is still passing the whispered messages of the angels to all who wish to receive them.

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