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Joanne, Burke VA

"'B' is an astute and loving angel card reader. A session with her leaves you feeling bathed in the warm glow of angel wings. Never the same twice, she is guided by the angels to target whatever will bring you closer to your next step on the journey of life. All with a lovely and helpful attitude, filled with caring and nonjudgment.

I have taken an angel reading course with her and she generously and thoroughly gives you the information in such a way that the material comes alive. She also gives each participant their own daily reading.

To say that she is giving is an understatement. 'B' is one of the most truly good people that I have met and I am lucky to have found such a wise and wonderful angel ambassador. Thank you 'B' for all you do, but more importantly, all you are."

Simone, March 2018

I do not have the vocabulary to express how wonderful my experiences have been with B. She connected me to a place inside myself that I'd longed for. She was a light and beautiful connector to the understanding that I am supported by light and love always. My questions were answered and pathways presented in ways I didn't think possible. She spoke of things I have never uttered to another living person and helped me shed years of painful guilt. B is not just an Angel Messenger, but an Earth Angel walking among us.

Cindy, April 2018

Meeting with B was such a wonderful and enlightening experience. It is difficult to put into words all of the wonder and emotion that transpired with this experience or the amazement encompassed in this meeting. I would strongly recommend this experience to anyone searching for encouragement, reassurance, guidance, enlightenment, or validation in his life.

Mary Jo, Manassas VA

"I have had multiple sessions with 'B' and each of them has been right on.  All of her sessions are informative, confirming, affirming and mostly filled with radiant love. 'B' is amazing and I am so incredibly grateful to her and the work she is doing with and for the angels.  Thank you 'B' and thank you angels!!"

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