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 Home Blessing !

Every home or apartment has a “Home Angel” which stays within the home from the time it is built for as long as it is standing. 

During a home blessing with B, she will connect with your home angel requesting the Home Angel connect with Archangel Michael and place an angel at every window and every door for full protection. 

She will then request an Archangel to anchor in each room for as long as you live in that dwelling. 

All you need is a bowl of tap water and a live rose of any color.  B will explain a clearing method better than sage use. 

During the home blessing, you will learn of the functions of the Archangels who anchor in each room and feel an upliftmeant of the energy in your home as it is fully blessed.


This blessing is done with you via Zoom, so no location is out of reach.  

Please complete the below form to request a Home Blessing.

Once you submit the below form you will hear from us with date and time options.

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All Home Blessings are held online via Zoom

30 mins session; up to 8 rooms ... $49.72

60 mins session; 9 or more rooms ... $99.44

A home blessing is wonderful for:

  • You in your existing home or apartment.

  • For investment property you will be renting out, or selling once renovated.

  • For a friend or family member moving into a new home or apartment.

  • For a friend or family member’s existing home or apartment.

  • For a wedding gift to a couple moving in together.

  • For those selling their home.  

    • B will release your energy in the home when you are selling it and prepare it so the person looking for the home resonates with its energy as their new home!

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